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Chronicles of Tornor - 2

The Dancers of Arun

Elisabeth A. LYNN


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Édition de 1981
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Quatrième de couverture

In his childhood, Kerris, the orphaned nephew of a great warlord, was savagely mutilated in a border incident. Unable to train as a fighter, he has passed his seventeen years apprenticed to a scholar

But this forced inactivity has rankled, and he dreams often of the chearis - the dancing warriors of Arun, particularly of his brother Kel, a famous dervish warrior. Then; without warning, Kel and his cheari band arrive at Kerris's fortress keep. They have come for him on their way to the city of Elath

During his journey south, Kerris is introduced to new mental gifts and is trained in psychic arts. Unfortunately, when the small band arrives, all is no longer peaceful at Elath.


Collection : BERKLEY

Éditeur : BERKLEY

Parution :

Poids : 190g