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The X-Files Declassified - The Truth de Frank LOVECE ()

The X-Files - Les épisodes de la série TV

The X-Files Declassified - The Truth


Hodder & Sloughton (HODDER & SLOUGHTON)

Livre neuf indisponible à la librairie.

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Quatrième de couverture

THE X-FILES DECLASSIFIED. The truth! this book has not been authorized by any entity involved in creating the x-files the unauthorized guide to the complete series.

The x-files is one of most intriguing shows on television. The world of Fox Mulder, the FBI's most unusual agent, end Dana Scully, his partner and minder, combines f=great cinematography, clever writing and riveting performances. It has hooked millions of viewers worldwide with its weird stories of alien abductions, vampres and government experiments run amok.

The X-Files Declassified is the best and most complete companion to this series.


  • Including :
  • An annotated synopsis of evenry episode
  • An insider's guide to the creation of the series
  • Complete biographies of evry major character, with facts-and-figures dossiers on Mulder and Scully
  • Real-life filming sites
  • The most painstakingly detailed timeline of episode events
  • X-treme X-otica : from the first Mr X - who was actually Ms X - to every licence plate number and adress ever shown


Prix éditeur : 16,75 €

Collection : Hodder & Sloughton


EAN : 9780340682326

ISBN : 978-0-340-68232-6

Parution :

Pagination : 419 pages