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  • Days of Wonder, by Geoff RYMAN
  • The Visonnaries, by Robert REED
  • Planetesimal Dawn, by Tim SULLIVAN
  • Inside Story, by Albert E. COWDREY
  • Sleepless Years, by Steven UTLEY
  • The New York Times at Special Bargain Rates, by Stephen KING
  • Dazzle Joins the Screenwriter's Guild, by Scott BRADFIELD
  • Going Back in Time, by Laurel WINTER
  • Private Eye, by Terry BISSON
  • Whoever, Carol EMSCHWILLER
  • Evidence of Love in a Case of Abandonment : One Daughter's Personnal Account, by M. RICKERT
  • The Scare Crow's Boy, by Michael SWANWICK
  • Decembert 22, 2012, by Sophie M. WHITE


Collection : Fantasy & Science-Fiction

Éditeur : MERCURY

Parution :

Poids : 170g