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The Bloodstar Conspiracy de Edward Elmer SMITH, Stephen GOLDIN ()

Family d'Alembert - 5

The Bloodstar Conspiracy

Edward Elmer SMITH, Stephen GOLDIN

Chris FOSS (Illustrateur (couverture))


Livre neuf indisponible à la librairie.

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Quatrième de couverture


The Stanley dynasty had faced many crises during its rule of the Empire of Earth. But none so dangerous and potentially destructive as the cosmos-spanning conspiracy organized by the mysterious Lady A. Her true identity was unknown, her forces massive yet untraceable and already she had infiltrated the Empire's top security network.

Now, Lady A is planning to seize complete control of the Empire itself. The occasion - the Imperial wedding. The place - Bloodstar Hall. This time even the unique talents of the Family d'Alembert will be stretched to the limit as they race against all odds to stop Lady A and save the galaxy from total chaos...

The Bloodstar Conspiracy is the fifth spectacular space opera saga in the Family d'Alembert series.


Collection : Panther


Parution :

Pagination : 158 pages